Quality flower grown in Oklahoma. The Herb’n Canopy prides itself on transparency. All product will be tested and hard copies provided at the time of delivery. Current crop will be ready in March of 2019!


The Herb’n Canopy has recruited a cannabis seed breeder from Canada. Giving us the ability to make new seed strains for dispensaries to carry for their home grow enthusiasts. Pre-packaged seeds will be available in February for dispensaries to carry in their stores!! Pre-order now.

Clones and Trim

Quality Oklahoma grown clones! We have a variety of strains to meet your patients home grow needs. We haven’t forgot about you processors! We have trim available as well. Trim is coming in March of 2019 and will be delivered with lab results!


Unfortunately we are not able to list product prices on our website. Price will fluctuate depending on test results, quantity ordered, etc… We apologize for any inconvenience. Please contact us with any questions.